Associations between CDH13 Variants and the Initiation of Alcohol and Sexual Behavior with High-risk Hispanic and Caucasian Youth

Sarah W. Feldstein Ewing, Renee E. Magnan, Jon Houck, Marilee Morgan, Angela D. Bryan


Early initiation of risk behavior has been associated with more adverse health outcomes for adolescents.  One improtant factor in early initiation may be the role of genetics.  The study examined how contextual factos and alleles within the T-Cadherin gene (CDH13) may be related to the age of initiation of alcohol and sexual behavior.  Findings indicated the relevance of considering the interplay between cadherin risk alleles and contextual factors on adolescents' initiation of alcohol and sexual behavior, as well as the consonance of these relations across high-risk Hispanic and Caucasian youth.

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